Why do we craft?

An article recently grabbed my attention, it was about why women quilt.  It was in a magazine that is new to me called Mary Janes Farm.    As I read the article, I thought that the question could be expanded to why women craft.  Here are some of the insights I found while reading:

Charity is a reason to craft.  We often quilt, sew, crochet, knit or paper craft for a cause.  We make quilts for neglected children, sew dresses for poor little girls in Haiti, crochet or knit hats for cancer patients, make cards for soldiers far from home.  We crafters are a giving bunch!

Another reason to craft is frugality.  We love making something from almost nothing.  This is the root of scrap quilting, where during the Great Depression women used feed sacks and scraps to create quilts to not only keep their families warm but also to feed their creativity.

These 2 reasons keep us going here at The Craft Box, we love helping charities and we love helping you save money on your craft supplies.

Happy Crafting,


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