We recently sang this hymn at church:

“Let righteousness roll on as others’ cares we heed,
an ever-flowing stream of faith translated into deed.”

Here at the Craft Box we meet so many do-ers. They see needs and meet them so wonderfully. They see people in the world that lack love and care, and they are there, meeting those people with lovingly handmade items. They see people who are sad or sick, and there they are, making them feel special. There are so many of you and I always feel very humbled when I talk to you, for you are the change you want to see in the world, but I am also very encouraged and inspired by you and realize that the small things I do to help people are not such small things. When we stop to do for another, there is joy for them . . . and for us. So, cheers to you Judy, Joyce, Carol, Cindy, Darcy, Donna, Phyllis, Andrea, Nancy, Theresa, Joanne and hundreds more. You heed others’ cares and translate faith into deed.

Kind regards,

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