Each new week at the Craft Box brings us such interesting people and things! Sometimes I just marvel at what we have created here in the heart of Pleasant View. I say “we” meaning not just Sue and I, but all of the people who have come through our door for whatever reason. Most of them are looking for craft items, to be sure, but some come looking for a listening ear, a word of encouragement or a helping hand. Many have crossed that line from customer to friend for us and we love that! For some reason, this week was very inspiring at the Craft Box. I am so touched when customers share their love of our store with strangers and I heard many stories of that this week. Phyllis and I figured out what was wrong with the world while she shopped for yarn, not that we can change much but she encouraged me to at least try. A Native American healer came by today, looking for supplies to make her prayer sticks and her energy was both powerful and soothing, not only to Terah and I but other customers visiting the store. A husband called finally ready, after 2 years, to let go of his dearly departed wife’s yarn, and so the helping and healing go on. The world turns, and in our small corner of it kindnesses are exchanged and hopefully they ripple out to make a difference.

Blessed to be a blessing,

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