So maybe I won’t make much of a difference
But that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna try
Cause every day you love someone is better
And I’m not gonna let that chance pass me by.
–John Gorka

People who know me know that I love music. I have playlists for all sorts of occasions and moods. What I really love about music are lyrics that speak to me like the lyrics above from John Gorka’s song Soldier After All. I love how good lyrics inspire me. What in the world does this have to do with crafting, you may be saying? Sometimes I want to give up on this world, hide in my shell, protect myself from all the hurt going on, then I hear this song and think “I’ve gotta try to make a difference”. It may be something simple, like collecting food for a local food bank or more complicated, like making a baby quilt for a child born at Denver Health to a homeless mother but it’s important to know that these little things matter. I have to remind myself, most of all, that this is true and to keep fighting for what is right, because you never know when you will make a difference, but it will happen.

Here’s how the song ends:

If you believe what’s right is right,
Then you’ll always have to fight.
I guess I am a soldier after all.

Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas,


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